Sunday, July 24, 2005

No debugging for a few days!

Even though debugging is a much bigger challenge than writing crap programs, I think I prefer writing crap programs. Luckily I now have all 88 unit tests working, except for a seldom failure of test 34 or 66. Test 66 is not so big, so I should be able to locate that problem some time, and hopefully that will fix 34 too :P

Emotionally, this concludes the first milestone that my mentors and I had drafted at the start of the SoC. It seems like it took a long time, but in the mean time I am pretty far with the template generation (milestone three and four), and the second milestone seems much easier now that I have worked on the first. The last milestone, finally (integration with a GC) should not take too much effort. So I am pretty positive at this point about reaching all milestones.

The first milestone required getting 'basic list examples' to work with the iterative analysis, but in the mean time it works (most of the time) for all the unit tests (which contain some list-intensive 100+ line programs). The second milestone (considering other classes than list, and with multiple polymorphic instance variables, among other things) now seems to be a straight-forward generalization, although I may be overlooking some terrible problem of course.

I will be moving to my mother's place tomorrow for some time, and work on the second milestone there. I will bring some unboxing papers, and see if they contain something I might implement after the SoC.

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