Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shed Skin 0.7.1, Help needed!

I have just uploaded the tarball for Shed Skin 0.7.1, which fixes several important problems in 0.7, and adds a few minor features. The Windows version and hopefully the Debian/Fedora packages will follow shortly. As usual, please see the release notes for an overview of all the changes.

There aren't any major new features, because I haven't received much feedback since 0.7. Please let me know if you run into any problem, so it can be fixed, or if you know of some interesting program I could play with! I'd also like to take this opportunity to ask for some help in specific areas.

Excitingly, Thomas Spura was able to get Shed Skin 0.7 accepted in the Fedora repositories! :D Thanks to Thomas for that! Inspired by this, I'd like to hear from anyone who might be interested in assisting/motivating Paul Boddie to get his Debian package accepted in the Debian/Ubuntu repositories. I think if it got past the scrutiny of the Fedora people, this shouldn't be too hard.. :-)

I would also really appreciate to see some description of Shed Skin on Wikipedia (again), because I think it deserves this, especially since the scalability improvements in 0.6. But also of course because it sends lots of users to the homepage. If you'd like to work on this, please see this thread with links to independent blog entries and even a book that describe or benchmark Shed Skin. For a summary of how the type inference part works, please see my recent 0.7 announcement.

Since a while, inspired by the LibreOffice project, there has also been a page in the Shed Skin wiki that lists some easy tasks that one could try and tackle, to hopefully make it easier to start contributing to Shed Skin. I try hard not to fix these problems myself, in the hope someone else will pick them up.

update: I just added another great new example to the 0.7.1 tarball, a quantum monte carlo simulator by Mark Dewing. shedskin takes about 10 minutes on my PC to analyze its 1,200 lines of code (sloccount).