Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Master's Thesis

I haven't been putting as much effort as I'd like into SS development lately, because of writing my Master's Thesis. I have added a link to the resulting document to the links on the right. There are some interesting performance measurements inside. For a benchmark set of 16 programs, SS typically results in a speedup factor of 2-40 versus Psyco, 12 on average, and 2-220 versus CPython, 45 on average.

As for the future, I've decided to drop all memory optimizations (stack and static preallocation), since I never really put much thought into them, and they only help 'marginally' (since I did not do them well :P) I'm also discontinuing my 'char type' work, and any ideas about automatically connecting to the standard library. This is so that I can focus on the core type inference and code generation stuff.. Which I hope to continue soon :-)