Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I made several not too interesting changes today. I finally got around to fixing the [x,y] issue though. I also fixed some old unit tests again, and added some more, and spent some time hunting obscure bugs. I added some asserts which will help debug the iterative algorithm later on. Most interestingly though, I started working with CVS, and committed all my changes using this.

I had used CVS before, but I had already forgotten that it was just fun to use, and that it actually helps single-developer teams as well. Having a history can be very useful, especially for chaotic programmers like myself. Because it can be lonely though, using CVS by myself, I am going to force one of my mentors to submit at least one patch :-)

Today was sort of a grunt work day. My plan is to work on adding some new features later today or tomorrow (more aggressively combine contours; compact the contour table; rebuild the allocation site table so that it won't accumulate a mess), and then get all unit tests working, as well as add some more that I should've done before. When all this is done (I'm guestimating about a week), I consider my first milestone to have been reached, and I will start adding non-list classes to the mix, classes with multiple class variables, and be frustrated about how many new bugs this will cause :)

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