Wednesday, July 06, 2005


After a week of becoming increasingly frustrated by all sorts of daily appointments, I am finally free to work on my compiler for the rest of july and august! :D I hope to divert all potential appointments to some later date, except for my motor cycle lessons, which I just didn't want to quit.. This tax thing looks like it will be needing some attention too.. non-US SoC'ers need to find like 20 different forms, fill them in correctly, and send to different places, in order to avoid losing 30% of the total grant. Problem is, my brain immediately goes in stand-by mode each time I start to think about it..

In all, I guess there should be enough time to build something nice to handle many types of data polymorphism. Two months is a lot. I am a bit overwhelmed though, by the complexity of both the problem and Plevyak's solution. It's not going to be easy..

BTW I made my first release. It's highly unstable, but it's there I guess ;) I will stabilize it later, when datapolymorphism is handled better (at all?). It can be downloaded via the Sourceforge link. How to use it? Edit and add some Python code, or use the hello world example it contains; run python - this will create two C++ files, test.?pp as well as a Makefile - then make and either make run or ./test. The file (and imported module files) will be annotated with the deduced types. (Not always correctly though, as the annotation code is not perfect.) All the code in has run well at some point (from the same codebase), but at this moment I guess many of the tests will fail. Okay, back to work..

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