Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shed Skin 0.0.28

I have just released Shed Skin 0.0.28, with the following changes. Thanks to those mentioned for helping out!

- basic 'socket' support (Michael Elkins)
- support for os.{popen3, popen4} under UNIX (Jaroslaw Tworek)
- support for time.strptime under Windows (David Marek)
- options for changing output dir, disabling annotation (Dave Tweed)
- support for 'cmp' and 'reverse' arguments of 'sorted' and 'list.sort'
- fixes for cross-module default arguments
- important fixes for type inference and inheritance
- restore compatibility with Python 2.3
- many minor bugfixes

I would really like to receive more bug reports. Please try out the new version, and let me know about any problems.

With the socket support, 15 common modules are now largely supported. For a 0.1 release, I'd really like to have support for one more module: datetime. Thanks to the GHOP, there is a type model already (lib/datetime.py), so we only still need a C++ implementation..


rick_777 said...

Dude, you're my hero. Altho I'm afraid I won't be testing this compiler (I don't know python), I really hope that you succeed in completing your compiler. This way we won't require installing a gazillion python modules to run a program.

Don't give up, the Open Source community needs you!

Eric said...

there is a nice date-time library in the boost.org libraries. good luck.

Anonymous said...

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