Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shed Skin 0.0.27

Thanks to the GHOP students, this new release contains support for 're' (via libpcre!), 'time' (except strptime under windows) and 'fnmatch' and 'glob', as well as much improved support for 'os' (POSIX), and also a typemodel for 'datetime'. This means Shed Skin now supports (most of) the following standard library modules:

bisect, collections, copy, fnmatch, getopt, glob, math, os, os.path, random, re, string, sys and time.

If anyone is interested in implementing/bootstrapping 'datetime', 'socket' or in improving 'os' support (esp. under Windows) or other modules, please let me know!

I got more help for this release. Brian Blais helped fix OSX support again, and added support for building extension modules under OSX. And Mark Dewing (in attempts to compile parts of Quameon, a monte carlo quantum atom simulator) sent in several bug reports. Several other people also sent in bug reports.

Of course I have added some things myself, too ;) For one, I added basic support for the 'staticmethod' and 'property' builtins. I also (finally, might I say) split up the compiler core ( into several files, added many fixes for multi-dir/multi-file projects, further optimized a few builtins, and fixed many minor issues.

In all, I'm very happy with this release, and hope to get as much help for the next release!


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