Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Shed Skin 0.9.2

I have just released version 0.9.2 of Shed Skin, a restricted-Python (2.4-2.6) to C++ compiler. This is the second maintenance release since 0.9, so no new major features were added.

The biggest improvement is probably some optimizations for the array module. Other than this, the changes are mostly unrelated minor optimizations and bug fixes. Please see the release notes for more detail.

Three nice new examples were also added for this release, bringing the number of examples to 67, with a total linecount of about 17,000 lines (sloccount): a "stereo vision" program, and two Rubik's cube solvers.


Fabzter said...

Awesome! Thanks!

arbuz said...

Shed Skin is amazing, I'm so glad I found it! Unfortunately, I don't know how to compile my project which uses pygame. I copied all its files from /lib in python's folder but it still says that module cannot be found. Any idea how to make it work?

srepmub said...

sorry for the (very?) late reply!

shedskin does not directly support pygame (or any other large library), but you may be able to compile part of your program as an extension module (shedskin -e), and import this in your main python program.

Unknown said...

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Izarf said...
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Izarf said...

what is the developement status of this project? is it still moving forward? will we ever see full compatibility with all existing python code <= 2.6.x?

it would be soo great to be able to skip coding in c/c++ and still get its perfomance advantages ^^ (and pythons productivity)

srepmub said...


we are currently in maintenance mode, meaning no new major features are implemented at the moment. there are no concrete plans to support python 3, for example. and there are no plans to lift any of the major limitations as described in the documentation. minor improvements and bug fixes are being done on a regular basis though, depending on the amount of feedback the project gets.

awais kamran said...

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