Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some nice additions to /examples

(Shed Skin is an experimental (restricted-)Python-to-C++ compiler.)

Because the set of example programs available at the Shed Skin homepage (ssprogs.tgz) hasn't changed in a while, I decided to add some nice programs to it. With some relatively simple (but as usual, important) fixes, I was able to add support for a Jpeg decompressor (!), at 1200 lines, an iPod shuffle programmer, at 600 lines, and a multi-module mastermind program, at 300 lines.

I will be adding these programs to ssprogs.tgz with 0.0.31 (or 0.1), but for now they can be found here. They should compile using Shed Skin SVN (see the note in the top of; should be run with two arguments, e.g. "python tiger1.jpg tiger1.bmp").

Thanks to ********** for sending me the jpeg decompressor, and the authors of these programs for the nice test cases!

I would have probably added more programs (and fixed more things) if I could find more interesting test cases, but these seem hard to come by. If you happen to know of any nice programs between 500 and, say, 2,000 lines that might be statically compiled, possibly after some minor changes, please let me know. Some more bug reports would also be very welcome.

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srepmub said...

I also managed to compile a little go player (after a few minor changes):

I merged into, and compiled as an extension module, then tested with 'gogui'.