Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shed Skin 0.0.24, 0.0.25

I've just released Shed Skin 0.0.25. Together with the (unannounced) 0.0.24 release, there have been some interesting changes. Most importantly perhaps, Shed Skin now caches (most) 1-length strings, which can improve performance dramatically for string-intensive programs. I also performed a long-overdue rewrite of the virtual function detection code, which should work much more reliably now, at least for relatively simple cases :)

-1-length string caching

-improved detection of virtual functions
-further set optimizations
-fix for extension modules and certain default arguments
-exhaustive checking of C++ keywords
-fix for some combinations of arguments to min, max
-several minor bug fixes

As always, I could really use more help in pushing Shed Skin forward. Let me know if you'd like to help out, but are not sure where to begin.

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