Monday, February 12, 2007

Shed Skin 0.0.19

I have just released 0.0.19, with some interesting changes. Iterators and generators are supported now. Full random support was contributed by a user (thanks Jeff :-)), by converting a Python version to C++ using Shedskin. Interestingly, by default it uses the same random engine (Mersenne Twister) as CPython, so the two behave exactly the same. Jeff is now thinking about how to add fast matrix support, which would be really nice to have.. But there were also many small fixes in this release. Here is the sourceforge changelog:

-iterator and generator support (no generator expressions yet)
-full support for random module (converted from Python version)
-added itertools.{count, repeat, cycle}, dict.{iterkeys, itervalues, iteritems}
-added 3-argument integer version of __builtin__.pow
-logical and, or operations have correct return value now (e.g., '3 and 4')
-lots of minor bug fixes (improved % operator, added math.pow..)

The main focus for 0.0.20 will probably be to add support for tuples, with differently typed elements, of length greater than 2, up to some arbitrary length..

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