Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shed Skin 0.0.6 Status Update

Just a small note to anyone interested, that I am hard at work to get Shed Skin version 0.0.6 ready before the end of the year. It already supports an almost unmodified OO raytracer of about 350 lines (pygmy, with a speedup of about 40 on this sempron 2200+), as well as some other larger new programs. Simple inheritance has been improved by a lot. I am currently working on exception handling, which will probably be supported well in 0.0.6. Thanks to bearophile, a huge amount of bugs have additionally been
fixed. I will probably release a or 9 within the coming week.

Please let me know if you have interesting use cases of inheritance and/or exceptions, and I would be glad to look into any problems. In that case, please ask me for the latest version of the compiler first (I have no access to CVS currently.)

Btw, I will probably be working on some method of accessing much not too weird standard library functionality soon, but I'm not sure whether I will manage to get this working well before 0.0.6.


Baczek said...

40 as in 40 times? That's freakin' sweet.

srepmub said...

actually.. I just measured the speedup on my new computer (X2 4400+) and here it's about 65 :-)