Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Getting Close

It took me some time to implement everything that was required by the Othello player. What is nice about it is that it pushes many things a bit further again, relative to the other larger test programs. No large features were required, or any major bugs uncovered, however, but I did have to fix many small problems ('the devil is in the details'). For example, constructs such as 'a = b = c', '[..for.. for..]' and '(1,2) in '[(1,2)]' were not yet well supported, and conversion of None to 0-pointers did not work well with parametric code. In the end, the resulting C++ player now plays about 25 times faster than the Python version. Pre-allocating some 'constant' lists will bring this to around 50.

As I see it, there are now only 5 relatively major features still to be implemented to reach all milestones for the SoC. These are: iterative splitting of user classes (this might work already), more aggressive merging of object contours containing (object contours with) only simple types, generating method templates (C++ function templates inside class templates), integration with a garbage collector and fixing a problem I discovered in the static preallocation code. I think these should not take me more than 10 days to implement. Other than these, there are still many minor issues of course. Maybe (hopefully) I can spend the last 10 days mopping up some minor problems that will need attention before being able to do a decent release.

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